Everyone should have a personal protection strategy

ImageLets face it people… the police are a reactionary force.  They will not be there when that moment we all dread happens.  That’s why its important to have some sort of personal protection strategy.  Now it may or may not involve firearms.  Guns are not for everyone.  But no matter what self defense method you choose its important that you first incorporate awareness as part of  your training.Awareness is 90% of self defense.  You can not avoid a threat if you don’t see a threat.  You can not deal with a threat if you are not aware of that threat.  Practice being aware of your surroundings every day.  That is the only way that it becomes a habit.  We all hope that we never have to face an attacher and defend ourselves.  With awareness you can take steps to accomplish that goal.  Without it you become an easy target for a criminal.

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