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About Concealed Carry NOLA

Concealed Carry NOLA is a group of 3 NRA certified pistol instructors registered with the Louisiana State Police Concealed Handgun Unit, licensed and insured to instruct law bidding citizens in defensive shooting techniques. Concealed Carry NOLA Training provides the required training class in order to apply for a Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit. We also offer the NRA Basic Pistol course for those who just want firearms training but are not interested in getting a concealed handgun permit. If you require more instruction... our NRA Certified Instructors can train you “one on one” at your convenience. Most of our courses can also be taken partially in your home or office for your convenience. Any range activity would still require a trip to the range Concealed Carry NOLA also offers several other NRA Certified courses for people wishing to continue their training and acquire a broader skill set required to protect their families and themselves. Additional Courses Offered: NRA Refuse To Be A Victim NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home Course NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home Course NRA Basic Pistol Course NRA First Steps Pistol NRA Basic Rifle Course New Shooter Two Hour Course All of our training is designed for anyone who is interested in learning the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes for owning and operating firearms safely. Concealed Carry NOLA was started to help others safely get into the sport of shooting or owning firearms for self defense. All of our classroom training has been designed with the student in mind and will be projected onto a big screen for better visual learning. We use power point presentations, DVD and other video clips, and handouts when applicable. We also use laser training cartridges to help our students in learning proper trigger control before actual live fire training. We strive to create an environment that provides our clients with a class that fits everyone of all skill levels.

Everyone should have a personal protection strategy

Lets face it people… the police are a reactionary force.  They will not be there when that moment we all dread happens.  That’s why its important to have some sort of personal protection strategy.  Now it may or may not … Continue reading

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